Every time you spend money, you are casting a vote for the kind of world you want.

Anna Lappe

Why is Fair Trade such an important part of an anti-human trafficking movement?

There are two reasons:

  1. The prevention and elimination of human trafficking; and
  2. The guarantee to you as a consumer that the money you are spending is not going to support a company that uses slave labor.

By linking anti-slavery efforts with Fair Trade, we can help protect the vulnerable while helping them make a sustainable living.  When you buy Fair Trade, you can be confident that you are helping a family make a living and live a slave free life.

The Connection

  • Parents, believing their children will find a bright future, or are in desperate need of money, will give up their sons and daughters, many of whom end up forced to work in brothels, labor camps or on farms.
  • These children are making the products we use everyday such as rugs, chocolate, coffee, sugar, sports equipment, technology, metals, clothes and cotton.
  • When you buy Fair Trade tea or coffee or handicrafts or any other product, you can be assured it does not use child or slave labor because it is monitored by a neutral, third party to guarantee the labor rights of the workers are respected.
  • Fair Trade helps prevent slavery!
  • The guarantee of rights and a fair wage income provides security that removes the uncertainty of depending on a volatile market. They are able to save, provide for their families, and educate their children and themselves, which reduces the risk of falling prey to traffickers
  • With a good job at home that provides a fair, living wage, families, farmers and other producers are less likely to leave home and put themselves at risk to traffickers.